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Our Greatest Asset in Life is our Health.
How do we regain or maintain this?

We have many customers who have improved their health, reduced or removed medication or extended their life without medical intervention through Juicing and Lifestyle changes. 
We would also like to share with you our own health improvements that have come about as a bi-product of using a Greenstar juicer, Tribest Personal Blender, BarleyMax and implementing a few other changes without “dieting”, making huge changes to our lifestyle, excessive exercise or without depriving ourselves of treats.

Anyone can use these principals and tools to support, preserve and improve their Health.

Why juice?


Our equipment and products have been in New Zealand for over 15 years - the quality of both are outstanding and we have testimonials and references from our customers who just love them.  We supply and support Greenstar Juicers, Tribest Personal Blenders, Sedona Dehydrator, Freshlife Sprouters and ZStar Juicers plus Hallelujah Acres products including BarleyMax, Fibre Cleanse, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, BFlaxD and more.  

Take the Challenge To help you get started we are offering a special deal - be it restoring your health or just wanting to improve it one step at a time - this will help.  We will send you the 3 Day Cleanse plus a container of Fiber Cleanse, a container of BerryMax and a Fit'n'Fresh Shaker for just $130 (normally $161.50 including courier).  We will also send you the 30 Day Challenge to get you really heading in the right direction.  See products below for individual details.  If you want this offer you will need to email us direct or call us on 09 431 5670.


Total Health Centre - Teaching Health and Wholeness - whether aggressively supporting the body’s innate natural self-healing or improving your health one step at a time.  Contact us with your challenges - you will be surprised the changes you can implement that will make a difference.





A blend of 28 herbs in a psyllium and flax seed base to help you cleanse the colon, restore optimal bowel function & ensure timely elimination of toxins.


Comes with removable ice wand and storage compartment.  Perfect for those on the go - take to work, the gym, sports club or while travelling.


Juice up your cells with maximum nutrition. Same powerful blend as original BarleyMax with a juicy berry taste.


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Keeping Cancer at bay without medical intervention