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We are an energetic, fun, family friendly understanding team who love what we do!

Introducing our amazing staff members,

Dianne Christensen and her family -
While Robbie and I were on holiday in April 2010 with our daughter Rebbecca (then 10 years old), we went to a health seminar. It was very interesting and discussed diet, exercise and detox. The detoxification made very good sense and I had been looking for a business for me for some time and thought this might have some merit. It certainly planted a seed.

Ironically upon returning home Robbie (who sells real estate) met a woman who was looking to buy a home. When he was showing her property Catherine explained her background and told him about her business and that she was looking to sell it. It had been her husband’s baby and he sadly had passed away earlier that year. She had already told her customers she was selling, she had other people considering buying it and she was going on holiday in shortly weeks for four weeks so needed to make a decision.

When Robbie came home and told me all of this we were very excited about the possibilities. I had had cancer myself in 1996 and I had also lost my sister Lyn in 2005 and my nephew Jason in 2009 to cancer so held a real interest and inspiration. We needed to make a very quick decision so within a week we had bought the company and had all the stock at our home in Mangawhai not far from Catherine.

It has been very quick learning curve. I flew to America in August 2010 to meet our suppliers at Tribest and Hallelujah Acres and completed some courses - which was fantastic. The Choi’s and Malkmus’ are so committed to this health lifestyle that the business is really just a bi-product – they are inspirational, fun and supportive – it is a blessing to have their knowledge and support and the other alignment for us is they are both very much family based – which we love.

The other exciting aspect is how brilliant all our customers are. They have assisted and encouraged us so much as we are definitely learning as we go. I was particularly impressed with the loyalty to the products and equipment. My first order was a lady wanting to get some BarleyMax who had never had any before but a driver (Aaron) who delivered goods to her business had recommended it – what a great testimonial that is. The next confirmation was the backorders I had for the Personal Blenders. I had 18 people to phone to tell them that I wouldn’t have any for 15-20 weeks. Only one person cancelled their order as it was a birthday present – every other person was willing to wait as they had had one before or friends had said it was the one to buy – what a confirmation that was on how great the blenders are.

Every day we are learning more and able to assist people in trying times or those just wanting to help themselves lead a healthier life. The greatest part of the business for us it what it has done for us health wise – it has improved our well being without being onerous – you could say Total Health – One Step at a Time (see how we achieved it).

Megan Hale and her family -
3 Years ago I came across Total Health Centre through a friend who was leaving as Dianne's PA and Dianne needed a replacement.  I jumped to the chance because Total Health Centre sounded right for me as I have paid a big interest in health and nutrition over the years (and because jobs are far and few between in our small town).  I thought I knew a lot about food and health before starting at Total Health Centre but I soon realised that my knowledge had only begun to scratch the surface!  After only being with Dianne for about 2 months I was blown away with my Christmas present from her - my very own brand new Tribest Personal Blender!  I was so happy and completely blown away, it was a total surprise - and there begun a new journey for me.  I swapped my favourite meal of the day muesli, tin fruit and milk in the morning to an amazing diary free fresh fruit smoothie poured into a bowl with just a sprinkle of muesli on top.  I did this for a few months and really enjoyed it - this was my first step!  Dianne then loaned me a Green Star 1000 Juicer and we both took part in our Total Health 3 days cleanse and 30 day challenge.  This challenge was great for cleansing me further and setting up new habits and routines with juicing and taking BarleyMax.  After the 30 day challenge I continued with BarleyMax and vegetable juice every morning and also my meat intake had halved and I really just didn't care for meat that much anymore.  My processed foods had declined and I was creating new and wonderful foods with my Tribest Blender and in my loaned juicer (not just juice - Almond Butter, Banana Cream Pie just to name a couple of my favourite!).  After making these changes in my diet I noticed a few months later that I wasn't getting sick.  I have 3 young children and anyone with children will know how they bring home bugs from daycare and school all the time and pass it on to the parents!  Well I noticed my children would have the runny noses, coughs, vomiting bugs etc and they would pass them on to my husband but I just wasn't catching these bugs any more - or if I did my recovery time was so much quicker and I didn't feel nearly as bad as anyone else in the family.  My husband had also noticed how I wasn't getting sick and came up to me quite frustrated one day and said "I'm always picking up the kids bugs and you never get sick, I'm tired of it, it's not fair, I guess I better start taking that Green drink too" - there began his first step!  From that day forward - around 2 1/2 years ago now my husband has been taking BaryleyMax every day too!  Some time ago I gave up my loaned Green Star 1000 juicer and purchased my very own Green Star Elite juicer which I just love to bits!  My health and nutrition is so completely different to what is was over 3 years ago when I started with Dianne, I'm fit, healthy and HAPPY!  I am also at present taking part in the Hallelujah Acres Health Ministry Course which will make me a qualified Health Minister - an asset to Total Health Centre and a life time asset for myself and my family!!  I love my job with Total Health!!



We are an energetic, fun, family friendly understanding team who love what we do!


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