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We answer e-mails almost every day and welcome your enuqiry - her are some questions we get asked. If your question is not answered here, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you.

1. Can you send me a catalogue?

Yes we will send you an information pack either by post or email - just let us know your details.

2. Do you sell parts (blades, cutters, screens, plungers, etc)?

Yes, as the importers we can supply spare parts, and are qualified to service all machines we sell.  We have a complete follow up service.

3. Where can I get sprout seeds for sprouting and growing wheatgrass?

You will find these at an organic or health food shop please make sure they have not been heat treated.

4. I want to buy something that can grind flax seeds--I plan to use the ground seeds in bread and smoothies.

Our Tribest Personal Blender does a wonderful job of grinding seeds and nuts.

5. What is the machine you recommend to grind nuts into butters? Such as Almond Butter?

We would recommend our Green Star Juicer or the Green Star Elite which makes lovely butter using the homogenizing blank which is supplied with the machine.  The Personal Blender works very well for small amounts when you grind the seeds first.

6. What is the best juicer?

When you are serious about juicing nothing beats the original, the Green Star Juicer, the direct descent of the Green Power Gold Juicer. The Green Power Gold/Green Life/Green Star Juicer are the only juicers that have won international awards.  From 1993 - 1996 as Green Power Gold, from 2002 - 2004 including June 2003 1st place at Stiftung Warentest (German Consumer Reports) Germany as the Green Star.  The Green Star is the only machine that has had the exclusive magnetic and bioceramic  technology in its twin gear juicing system laboratory tested showing that the juicers made using the heavy duty twin gears are more stable and nutritionally superior. 

7. Which juicer would be best to make frozen banana ice cream?

The Green Star or Green Star Elite both make fantastic Ice cream from frozen bananas and other fruits.

8. Can your juicers be used to grind nuts into butters?

Yes they can once the nuts have been soaked.

9. What is the comparison between the juicer models as to the noise level while they are in use for normal juicing?

Both the Green Star and the Green Star Elite are extremely quiet when in use.


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