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One of the most amazing things we have found over the last 20 years is that the Hallelujah Diet has helped people recover from over 170 different diseases, sicknesses, syndromes, or any other name that is used for ill health. From diabetes, to migraines, heart disease to cancer and so many more, the Hallelujah Diet helped them to rebuild their bodies and restore their health.

Hallelujah Acres have received tens of thousands of unsolicited testimonies from those who walked away from their wheelchairs, turned up their noses from heart disease and won the battle against cancer. You can read these and many other health testimonies from over a hundred other serious health issues on their website http://www.myhdiet.com/the-hallelujah-diet-testimonies/  . Powerful, emotional, inspiring are the words we use to describe some of the come-back stories of those who were told to “go home and prepare their houses.” These are the people who are enjoying making memories with their families, working in their churches, and living a life that far surpassed what they or their doctors ever expected. These are called “miracle-cures.”

We believe we were created with an incredible, miraculous self-healing body. The body is designed to remove toxins and impurities while continuing to blink, breathe, swallow, beat and pump. An average person’s heart will beat 60 to 80 times a minute at rest, which is about 100,000 times per day. Based on twelve breaths per minute a person will take 17,280 breaths in a day. Do you know of any machine that can be put through those rigorous motions every day without breaking down? Even an automobile needs new brakes and maybe even rotors after 60,000 miles.

Our incredible body is truly a “miracle” in the way that it can rid itself of the constant barrage of toxins that we are exposed to every day. Whether it is in the air, the water, our foods, our phones, or the hundreds of other daily toxic exposures we must constantly eliminate. According to a new study (February, 2014) out of Australia spontaneous cancer cells develop in the human body every day and are quickly killed by the body’s first line of defence against disease, the immune system. Read more about Iodoral and its benefits here

The miracle is in the body. We just need to keep the toxin level low and continue to feed all of the 300 trillion cells exceptional nutrients every single day. When the nutrition level is lacking, the cells become weak and are more susceptible to unhealthy division, which will weaken them further, allowing for the rogue cells to form, which turn into cancer cells. Although this was a simple description, it really is quite simple what the body needs: continuous quality nutrition while continuously eliminating toxins.

When the test comes back and the diagnosis is made, in many cases, it isn’t too late to make effective dietary changes and with the addition of freshly extracted vegetable juices and specific, targeted supplementation, your body can regain control and re-build itself. Depending on the amount of degradation the body has already experienced, you will likely have to work quickly to add the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to get your body on a quick-start approach.

By the time disease becomes prevalent, a stronger approach is likely needed. The Hallelujah Diet has developed specific dietary suggestions for you to consider as you work at rebuilding your immune system.

Always remember, you have an incredible, self-healing body. The fresh living foods, juices, supplements and additional lifestyle changes that you make will provide your body the building blocks it needs to reclaim and restore the health it once knew.

Whether you are trying to maintain your vibrant health or working on rebuilding your health from a specific health concern, The Hallelujah Diet System will assist you in your goals.

In addition to improving your diet and lifestyle we have identified a group of supplements that can support your efforts in reclaiming your health or maintaining it.  The Hallelujah Diet features several tailored plans to help support the body as it combats the effects of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, IBS/Crohn’s Disease, Candida and Obesity. These advanced supplements backed by science will take your health to the next level.  Hallelujah Diet Support Systems were specifically designed to address the health issues that plague us in today’s world.


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