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Self Healing with Living Enzymes & Being Alkaline

Our body is made up of 100 trillion living cells and we need nutrients, vitamins and minerals from living foods.  The easiest way to gain these living enzymes is by juicing vegetables and fruit.
Our body runs at its optimum level when it is in an alkaline state. On the pH scale 7.0 is neutral, everything above is alkaline and anything below is acid. At 7.35-7.45 – which is ideal – you can’t get sick.

Acid or Alkaline?

If our body maintains a slightly alkaline pH 7.35 we won’t get sick!
Quite a bold statement but read on and see what George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres has to say and make your own decision, or if you just want to start getting healthier now, email info@totalhealth.co.nz with your contact details for painless ways of achieving this!

Acid or Alkaline? Your Life Hangs in the Balance.  – Rev George Malkmus
Blood keeps us alive. If blood flow stops to the heart for mere moments, a heart attack occurs. If it blood flow stops to the brain, a stroke occurs. If it stops completely, the result is death.

Body Wages Constant Battle to Maintain Blood pH
What is pH? It is a term used to describe the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical solution on a scale of 0 (more acidic) to 14 (more alkaline). Neutral pH is 7.0. The higher the pH of the blood, the more alkaline and oxygen rich it becomes, while the lower the pH reading, the more acid and oxygen deprived the blood becomes.Every cell of the human body requires oxygen to sustain life and maintain optimal health. Because of that, it is of vital importance we understand that the more acid the blood (the lower its pH) the less oxygen is available to the cells. We must maintain a slightly alkaline pH (approx 7.35) within the blood if we are to remain alive and sustain “the life of the flesh.”  When the blood’s pH starts to drop below 7.35, it causes physical breakdown to begin. If it drops below 7.0, the body dies, primarily from lack of oxygen. We can better understand this by looking at how acid rain “kills” a lake. When acid enters the lake, it binds up the oxygen, literally suffocating the fish. It’s not that the oxygen has gone anywhere, it’s just no longer available. Conversely, raising pH restores alkalinity to a lake and it comes back to life.
Cancer thrives in an acid environment. The higher the oxygen content of the cells, the harder it is for cancer cells to thrive. The lower the oxygen content of the cells, the easier it is for cancer to thrive. Understanding this is important for two reasons. First, it reveals an important benefit of an alkaline diet — it makes more oxygen available to the system. Second, it helps explain why so many cancer victims see their cancers go into remission when they adopt a diet, which is high in alkalinity. This knowledge also helps explain why cancers grow on the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is comprised of highly acidifying foods such as sugar, refined grains, animal flesh, and dairy. Ironically, these are the very foods on the menu in the average hospital.
Physical breakdown also begins if blood pH becomes overly alkaline, above 7.45. If it moves above 7.8, cells cease functioning and the body begins to die.
We learn from science that there is a constant battle to maintain balanced pH going on within every cell of the body every moment of every day.
If we feed our bodies a 100% plant-based diet proper pH balance is automatically maintained because that’s the way our bodies have been designed.
If we venture outside of this by consuming highly acidic foods, the body struggles to maintain proper pH balance.
Sadly, most people do not realize that almost everything they are consuming on today’s SAD diet is acidic: coffee, sugar, refined wheat flour and white flour products, animal flesh and dairy, carbonated beverages, alcohol, doctor-prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, and almost all manufactured and pre-packaged foods.
Over time, each of these acidic, health-destroying substances will alter the body’s critical pH balance and lead physical breakdown.
Acid Foods Disrupt pH Balance
When we consume a lot of acidic food and drink (and take antacid, doctor-prescribed, and over the counter drugs to correct resulting acid problems), we contaminate the blood and disrupt its pH balance. This starts a chain reaction of physical breakdown. Acidity-caused physical breakdown comes at a staggering price. Health care costs are in the trillions of dollars, not to mention all the pain and suffering. Most of the physical problems experienced today (and that people go to doctors in an effort to correct) are caused by consuming acidic substances.
Acidic Garden Foods Are Necessary
We do need some acidifying foods in our diet, about 15 to 20 percent. This is why nature has a small percentage of garden food with an acid pH — these are the only healthy source of acidifying foods. Most outside-the-garden foods cause too much acidity.
Physical Problems Caused By Consuming Acid Foods
Acid Stomach & Heartburn – Most stomach disorders (indigestion, nausea, bloating, gastric reflux, etc.) are caused by excess acidity. And what is man’s solution? Antacids! Do these antacids get rid of the problem? No! People must continue taking them, often on a daily basis. This over-alkalizes the stomach juices, which leads to additional physical breakdown, often resulting in further drug prescriptions.
Arthritis – This word means “inflammation of the joint” and the word “inflammation” defines over 100 diseases that cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. Most arthritic problems are caused by the accumulation of alkaline calcium deposits in the joints.
The major culprit here is lack of vitamin K, which causes calcium deposits in the wrong places. When a person suffering with arthritis stops consuming an acid diet and starts consuming an alkaline diet loaded with leafy greens (which are high in vitamin K), they usually start to experience improvement quite rapidly.
One lady who had suffered with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and fibromyalgia since age 18 was free of pain and medication in just 2 months after adopting The Hallelujah Diet.
Are Drugs The Answer?
In the September 2010 issue of Health magazine (pages 106 – 109), there is an advertisement for the drug “CIMZIA” which hails: “RA relief that can help you get a better grip on life. . . . has been clinically proven vs. placebo to reduce RA pain . . .” (Cost of “CIMZIA” is $1,350.00 per dose.) In much smaller print the ad warns…
“CIMZIA is a prescription medicine that affects your immune system. CIMZIA can lower the ability of the immune system to fight infections. Serious infections have happened in patients taking CIMZIA including tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria that have spread throughout the body. Some patients have died from these infections.”
…and there’s more:
“… For people taking TNF-blocker medicines, including CIMZIA, the chances for getting lymphoma or other cancers may increase…”
Gout – Is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid crystals in the blood. Often, these acid crystals settle in the feet, hands, and toe, causing swelling and severe pain. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs (all acidic) are often prescribed, but never correct the problem.
Many people have written to tell me that when they stopped consuming acid foods (especially animal-source foods, which are high in acidity) and switched to The Hallelujah Diet their gout simply went away.
Cancer – When a person consumes a highly acidic diet and is unable to excrete all those excess acids, the body stores those excess acids. This leads to oxygen deprivation and cell fermentation, which causes healthy cells to begin to rot.
Dr. Gary Tunsky in his book, The Battle For Health Is Over pH, explains cancer’s origin: “This acid fermentation process is what we label as cancer. It’s my conclusion, based on years of research and study, that cancer is nothing more than an electrical disturbance at the sub-atomic and DNA level caused by oxygen deprivation, dehydration, cellular intoxication, lack of circulation and electrical flow that leads to cell asphyxiation, finally resulting in cell mutation.”
Dr. Young in his book, Sick and Tired: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, states: “Cancer therefore is a four letter word ACID.”
Over the years, dozens of people who had been diagnosed with cancer report that after they adopted The Hallelujah Diet, they saw their cancers simply go into remission… without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Almost every physical problem man experiences has acid as the cause or contributing cause. Eliminate the cause, provide the body with an alkalizing diet, start exercising, and most physical problems will usually (and quickly) begin to disappear.
The Choice is Yours
I’ll conclude with the closing words from Dr. Gary Tunsky in his book “The Battle For Health Is Over pH”:
“The battle between life and death and humanity’s struggle with sickness is over pH. This is not a complicated issue to understand. As long as the body has sufficient alkaline potential from a well-balanced diet and all of its elimination routes are open, cell damaging acids can be safely neutralized and excreted from the body before cellular damage takes place.
“If we habitually consume fresh, organic, high alkaline forming fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes grown on rich topsoil, avoiding as much as humanly possible the ‘acid landmines’ of our modern civilization, we can properly alkalize the body and stay healthy.
“The time is ripe for a paradigm shift to intelligent self-care, to greater consciousness of the divine mechanisms behind God’s magnificent, self-healing system. We need a new level of understanding about the body’s own inherent, innate, and unquestionable ability to heal itself.
“It is time for a real and widespread wake-up call about the insidious enemies of self-healing; armed with new awareness about the true cause – and cure – for ALL diseases.
“When our blood contains living nutrients, our body’s cell metabolism and pH are in proper balance. When our cells are properly nourished, hydrated, and oxygenated, it is virtually impossible for us to become unwitting victims of illness and disease.
“So the question is: Are you choosing death through continually living in an acid environment, pursuing an acid lifestyle OR are you choosing “Life” by following a balanced lifestyle and nature’s simple, yet exceedingly profound formula of alkalinity? The choice is up to each one of us.
Rev George Malkmus’ experience & why he developed the Hallelujah Acre Diet
I was raised on (and lived the first 42 years of my life on) an almost 100% cooked food diet.
As a result, I suffered all manner of physical breakdown and was told I had colon cancer at age 42.
Cancer was my wake-up call. It caused me to seek an alternative to the traditional cancer treatments that had killed my mom.
In my search for an alternative means of overcoming my cancer, I turned to Evangelist Lester Roloff who encouraged me to consume exclusively the raw plant foods found in God’s Genesis 1:29 diet and to drink a lot of raw, unprocessed carrot juice. That change in diet from a dead food diet to a living foods diet saved my life and totally changed my life.
For the past 36 years, on a predominantly living foods, raw, plant-based diet, my body has thrived. I haven’t had a cold or the flu since making the diet change and now, just two years shy of my 80th birthday, I am only five years from outliving the most senior person in my known ancestral line.
NOTE: When I first made the diet change, I went 100% raw for the first year, but personal experience and the testimonies from hundreds of others who had a problem with 100% raw has caused me to now discourage a 100% raw plant source diet. My diet today, and for the past 35 years, has consisted of approximately 85% raw plant sourced foods and about 15% cooked plant sourced foods.

Reclaiming Your Health

For someone with a critical health issue they need to follow the Hallelujah Diet immediately and completely to give their body the best possible chance to recover.  For others that are concerned about their health there is the ability to change your diet one step at a time to make it manageable and lasting.  We personally are around 60% raw and this has happened over 12-24 months with obvious health improvements.  We still partake of whatever our family and friends put out on the table for us as it has been made with love but we already notice how much more sluggish our body is when we reduce the raw food component.  You might start with something as simple as a non-dairy smoothie, enjoying a wrap or salad for lunch or drinking fresh vegetable juice – it does not have to be onerous and once you start you will be amazed at how much better you feel, how your taste buds change and how much you want to incorporate more raw into your diet – there are many options.  To help you get started we have 3 day Cleansing and 30 day Challenge and personalise to suit your needs – email (info@totalhealth.co.nz) or phone (09) 431-5670 and ask for details letting us know where you live so we can let you know the options. 
Total Health - One Step At A Time – You Won’t Regret It.

Hallelujah Acres

Hallelujah is a biblical word used to express praise, joy, and thanksgiving. Rev. George Malkmus chose this word to thank God after he was healed of Colon Cancer following his change to a natural bible based diet and lifestyle in 1976. His wife Rhonda following a car/train accident in 1981 suffered terrible pain, short term memory loss, and had black and blue eyes for 6 months, the end result of this collision was Arthritis in every joint of her body with intense pain.  Rhonda also changed to the same Diet and Lifestyle.  The resulting benefits, regaining of health led to Hallelujah Acres being born in February 1992. George and Rhonda dreamed of telling the whole world that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SICK. Little did they know that years later there would be multitudes world wide following this programme.

In 1995 after Rodney Fergusson's experience with Cancer, Rodney & Catherine went to Hallelujah Acres and underwent training to become Health Ministers so that they too could spread the word YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SICK.  With the passing of Rodney in January 2010 Catherine looked for another family to continue this good work and Dianne & Robbie had the fortuitous opportunity in meeting Catherine and becoming the new people to carrying forward with this work.

The changes that this Lifestyle require, involves a Diet of Living Foods, Vegetable Juices, Good Water,  Sunshine, Exercise,  Adequate Rest and the resolving of the causes of stress etc.

Dianne travelled to America in 2010 to train as a  Health Minister, and like Hallelujah Acres looks to educate people through Seminars, Get Healthy Stay Balanced Workshops, Juicing and Food Demonstrations, Books, Videos etc.Most of Hallelujah Acres materials and products are available through www.totalhealth.co.nz but have a look at their website www.hacres.com and if there is something there you would like to know more about or purchase, email us at info@totalhealth.co.nz.


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