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The following is comments people have sent in on their own volition after having experiences with different equipment, products, workshops or service - we thoroughly appreciate getting the feedback as it also reinforces what is working well (and what we can improve on !)

"My wife is a eleven year survivor of AML ( Leukaemia) and Bone Marrow Transplant treatment  

She is a great believer in a healthy diet and juicing. We live overseas for about half of each year and we have two Green Star juicers in our homes - these were purchased from the Total Health Centre 11 years ago old and they have continued to function extremely well for that time - they are used for juicing twice every day - once for for Wheat Grass and then for Vegetables. A recent breakage of a part was quickly dealt with by Dianne of Total Health and the part supplied within two days 

My wife considers the Juicing has played a significant part in her ability to recover from a serious illness and most traumatic treatment 

We have found Total Health Centre efficient and very pleasant to deal with"    July 2015

 Peter, Auckland

Thought that I would briefly email my views regarding the Greenstar and a single auger juicer.--as I have both, the single auger juicer is about 8 years old and have it as a backup spare now that I have the Greenstar--I juice daily.
GREENSTAR ELITE---a superior juicer...a rolls royce ...for serious juicers or those with health challenges seeking to improve their health or/and reverse illnesses.
-it is a more robust machine......(some thing cheap is not always top quality..)
**juice----superior and high quality,  stronger in taste, so more nutrient dense, pulp much much dryer., manages wheat grass with other vegetables easier than single auger.  need less vegetables to get more juice/ so maximum juice from minimun produce.--which can help save money. overall the juice is much more energising.....than the juice from the single auger juicer.......which must be a good thing....
 So, there is my conclusion....
--the Elite is just far superior.
Thanks again.

Hi Dianne


Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my order plus the complimentary Barley Max capsules – they will not be wasted.  Easy to be a great customer when dealing with a great business.




The class was an eye opener for me, it takes something like these classes for you to take stock and think about how and what you are eating. The class provided food for thought, samples were provided, so one could see how tasty options were and there was no pressure.   Thanks Dianne and team for all the hard work in putting the class together and providing us with a delightful couple of hours and a lot of fun.

Hello Dianne,


I am very pleased with the Mason Jar Blender, especially after struggling with the another well known blender-within one month it went to pieces, it leaked everywhere parts just didn't fit, 4 weeks later the motor stopped all together. I paid $60 for the blender and another similar one is $160 - they are both identical.

 Anyhow, the Mason Jar Blender is a lovely Christmas gift I gave myself:) I love it! I love playing with it-I ground my ayurvedic chai herb mix, I have my energy drink (honey, lemon, ginger, water) ready in one jar to blend in the morning, the nut milk drink in another, and many more things.

The jars are perfect size to drink from and take places with the lids that fit! Overall, very good quality and well designed.

 I thought I'd let you know, as a feedback. You should buy one of the other blenders and lend it out to people for a month than let them try the mason jar blender- they would feel a great sense of relief:)

Can you please book me in for the “You Taste – I Talk, You Ask – I Answer” A Healthy Long Lunch.... I loooove that title. I have come away from your other workshops all energised so even if I don't take up the 3/30 challenge I know I will have a great time with positive interesting people, thanks Michelle xx

Hi Dianne - the visa bill had gone through and so had your refund so all good, thank you so much you are very helpful! and I love my blender by the way and use it all the time!





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