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Frequently Asked Questions

Superfoods, Juices, Nutritional Supplements and Equipment

Here are some questions we get asked about the benefits of whole food supplements, juicing or the range of health food equipment we have on offer. 

If you can’t locate the information you’re after on our health and wellbeing products, contact us and we will happily get back to you. We answer e-mails daily and welcome your enquiry.

How much is shipping on your health and wellbeing products?

Shipping is free for all orders over $199 New Zealand wide. For orders $199 and under, shipping is a flat rate of $10 nation wide.

International shipping is available, please contact us should you wish to ship outside of New Zealand.


Do you sell parts for your health food equipment? (blades, cutters, screens, plungers etc)

Yes, as the importers we can supply spare parts, we have a wide range in stock so drop us a line and we will let you know what we can do.

Where can I get sprout seeds for sprouting and growing wheatgrass?

You will find these at organic or health food shops – be sure they have not been heat treated.

I want to buy something that can grind flax seeds – I plan to use the ground seeds in baking and smoothies, do you have something suitable?

Our Tribest Personal Blender does a great job of grinding seeds and nuts.

What machine do you recommend for grinding nuts into butters: for example, almond butter?

We would recommend our Green Star Juicer or the Green Star Elite which makes lovely butter using the homogenizing blank (supplied with the machine). The Personal Blender works very also for smaller amounts and if you grind the seeds first. Don’t forget to soak the seeds.

Why Juice? How will it improve my health and wellbeing?

There are many benefits of juicing. The quick assimilation of nutrients from the concentrated fruits and vegetables brings about faster regeneration of the entire body. Raw foods and juices themselves do not heal, but what they do is provide us with concentrated building materials so that our body can restore itself. The first part of restoration will always be the immune system, it will then seek out trouble spots throughout the body and start to restore them.
Juicing will fuel your body with necessary antioxidants and will help to boost energy levels, improve digestion, fight cravings, boost organ health, reduce damage to cells, assist with weight loss and improve your general health and wellbeing.

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