Tribest Personal Blender 250

A single serve, portable blender that has a powerful 200 watt motor and is super easy to clean. Use this blender at home, work or while travelling.  It’s light, portable and economical.

  • Compact design
  • BPA free polyester cups
  • 2 functions available – 1 touch pulse mode or press down for continuous blending
  • Grinder is small but powerful and will freshly grind seeds, nuts, coffee beans or even flax seeds.

The Tribest PB-250 Blending and Grinding Pack Includes:

  • Personal Blender Motor Base 200 watt
  • Blending Blade Assembly
  • Grinding Blade Assembly
  • 2x 16 oz BPA Free Cups
  • 2x 8 oz BPA Free Cups
  • Commuter Sipping Lid
  • 3x Regular Lids

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