I am not going to lie, I am partial to a treat now and again, despite knowing what I am putting down my throat is not real food sometimes we all have a moment and it gets the better of us. As adults we know better and most of the time can control what we are eating. Kids on the other hand, well all of those bright artificial colours are just too inviting. The thought doesn’t even cross their mind if what they are eating has any nutritional value, the care factor is officially zero on that one! As it should be, it is up to us as adults to teach them about health and nutrition to make better food choices as they get older and it becomes less our responsibility and more theirs.  

Now how about kids parties! As if the energy levels aren’t already high enough with the idea of being away from kindy / daycare / school with a group of your friends, bouncing off the walls begins well before the food comes out ain’t that the truth. Unfortunately traditionally the food choices that come with a kids party have the best intentions in mind as treats galore but don’t really paint a pretty picture with regards to nutrition. Its all artificial colours, sugar and plenty of numbers that reflect all things fake, not food.  

 As kids eat what is put in front of them (we hope) the teaching starts here. Times are a changing as are kids parties and what is getting served. We are learning more and more about swapping food out for healthier alternatives and kids, well they are none the wiser, their growing bodies sure are thankful but.

Birthday season has well and truly been alive at our house this month, it kicked off with a 5th birthday celebration for a busy boy and his friends. Here I am going to share a couple of recipes and tips to hopefully reduce the sugar/colour intake and help to survive a kids party.


  • Put all of the healthy less sugar filled foods out first.
  • Serve finger foods easy for little fingers to pick up and consume
  • Plan ahead and make food you can prepare beforehand
  • Dont forget to have fun, stop and take a moment to see how much joy the kids are getting out of the celebration.


There is no need to waste money on sugary drinks, the main purpose of a drink is to hydrate, water really is the best choice. However, it is a party after all! Pull out that Soda Stream maker, fill a jug with soda water and drop a handful of frozen blueberries in. Just like that, amazing natural colour and fizzy without the crap.

 Fruit Kebabs

These are so easy and highly nutritious. I have served these at a number of gatherings now, including catering for adults and they are always the first to go! Cut up into large cubes a big plate of colourful fruit, I purchase what is in season at the time and simply slide onto kebab/cake pop sticks.  If you must slip a treat in there to make them extra special you can make some homemade marshmallow or purchase the sugar free marshmallow.

 Berry Bliss Balls

Make sure you have an amazing blender or food chopper as these ingredients can be hard on your equipment. Try the Total Health Dynapro blender, it is of commercial standard and blends perfectly. It always helps to soak nuts ahead of time also. Simply blend together a couple of handfuls of dates, cashew nuts, raw cocao powder, and fresh or dried raspberries, you can replace raspberries with pretty much any type of berry or try apricot. Sometimes you may need to add in a teaspoon of water to help get the consistency right. Roll into small bite sized balls and coat with a layer of coconut.

 Nasty free recipe options are endless and replacing traditional options doesn’t need to be hard. You can make you own, homemade pizza, many muffin flavours including chocolate muffins made with beetroot or avocado and replace sugar with stewed apple. Don’t forget to have fun!